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Buy 25 Gram Darts for Sale Online, or Choose the Right Dart Weight for You; Bullseye Darts Australia Can Help

As you start playing darts more frequently, you will realise that characteristics such as shape, grip, design and weight can vary considerably from one dart to the next. At Bullseye Darts Australia, the question we often hear from beginners is ‘which dart style is best?’ Answering that question isn’t easy, as there are multiple factors at play when you choose a particular shape or grip. For this blog post, we will be focusing exclusively on dart weight and what it means for your game.

What You Need to Know about Dart Weight

Say you come to Bullseye Darts Australia looking for 25 gram darts. We offer 25 gram darts for sale in a range of styles and from multiple different brands. But what exactly is the significance of that 25 grams, and how can you know if it is best for your dart game?

First off, you need to understand the differences between steel tip and soft tip darts. Soft tip darts are used with electronic dart boards and are lighter weight than their steel tip counterparts. Steel tip darts weigh a bit more and are used with non-electronic dartboards. Typically, soft tip darts will weigh somewhere between 12 grams and 20 grams, with 16-gram darts being the standard. Steel tip darts, meanwhile, will usually fall between 18 and 40 grams (though most competitions will let you use darts of up to 50 grams).

If you are looking to buy 25 gram darts, the material you choose for the dart will also matter. Two of the metals commonly used for darts are brass and tungsten. Tungsten is a heavier metal, which means that a 25 gram dart in tungsten will usually be half the size of a 25 gram dart in brass. Most professional players use tungsten darts specifically because they can pack more weight into a smaller package. As a result, they can provide the momentum of bigger darts but will also allow for smaller groupings (e.g. more bullseyes) on the dartboard. Tungsten is also more durable. Brass darts, though, are cheaper and are sometimes the better option for a fledgling darts player who hasn’t moved into the competitive circle just yet.

In most cases, the sweet spot for brass darts is between 18 and 23 grams. The sweet spot for tungsten dates, meanwhile, is 23 to 26 grams. In other words, if you are shopping for 25 gram darts online, you will have the most luck finding what you need in tungsten and steel tip dart categories.

Find out If 25 Gram Darts Are Right for You

At Bullseye Darts Australia, we are happy to let customers at our physical retail store test out different darts until they find the ones that feel right. When trying to determine whether to buy a 25 gram dart in tungsten or a 23 gram dart in brass, it’s difficult to know which option is best until you’ve played with both. You can stop by our store to test out a variety of different darts and discover which dart weight and material are right for you.

Do you have any questions—either about dart weight in general or about the 25 gram darts we have for sale at Bullseye Darts Australia? If so, you can reach us today on 1300 55 77 67.