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Carbon & Composite Cues

FORMULA 2 Piece 48" Composite Cue - Black

This cue is identical to the 57" version, only smaller. Would make a welcome addition as a short cue or kids cue for any pool room.

FORMULA Rumpus Kids One Piece Cues - 48 Inch

48" Kids Timber Cue With Design Pattern Brass ferrule with 11mm screw in tip, bumper rubber, Available in 4 different design patterns.

Cuetec Powerbond Two Piece Ash & Fibreglass Cue

  58″ 2 Piece Ash & Fibreglass Construction 9mm Brown Tip Brass Ferrule Warp Resistant Medium Weighted

Patriot Range Composite Two Piece Cues

Formula Sports Patriot 2 Piece Cues are a 57" composite cue with great patriotic designs. Features 10 mm blue glue on tip, aluminium ferrule, medium weight and rubber bumper. Be a Patriot with 4 great designs: Queenslander, New South Wales, Heritage & New Zealand Features 10 mm glue on tip Aluminium ferrule and rubber bumper Made of a high grade...