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Cue Care & Maintenance

Keep your cue well maintained, it is your most important piece of kit.

Cuetec Tip Prep Tool

The Cuetec Tip Prep Tool is not like other pocket chalkers. This 2-in-1 tool combines a tip aerator and pocket chalker all in one. The unique mini pool cue design has a reinforced chain connector that unscrews to reveal a tip pick. The tip pick is used to aerate the tip so it will hold more chalk and reduce miscues....

Cuetec Bowtie Tool - Tip Scuffer, Shaper & Pick

Cuetec Bowtie Tool If you only get one tool for maintaining the tip of your cue, the Cuetec Bowtie Tool is the one. This 3 in 1 tip tool includes a shaper, a scuffer, and a tip pick that pokes the tip so it can hold chalk better and helps to avoid miscues. The perfect tool for every pool player....

9 Inch Metal Cue Tip Sander

9 Inch Metal Cue Tip Sander 9" Metal Tip Sander with a curved profile, ideal for shaping and roughening cue tips. Includes a sand paper strip which is easily replaced (spare sandpaper paper not included)

Alloy Cue Clamp - SILVER

Alloy Cue Clamp - SILVER Cue clamps are used to keep new tips firmly pressed to the cue after they have been glued.