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FORMULA - Fluro 2 Piece Composite Cue - 57"

Formula Sports - Fluro 2 pce Composite Cue - 57" The Formula Sports Fluro 2pce Cue features pincher-style point design that sure to impress. This cue is not only beautiful but also uses state of the art technology with its low-deflection aluminium ferrule that increases power and accuracy. These cues come in 6 striking colours and are sure to make...

FORMULA 2 Piece 48" Composite Cue - Black

This cue is identical to the 57" version, only smaller. Would make a welcome addition as a short cue or kids cue for any pool room.

FORMULA Rumpus Kids One Piece Cues - 48 Inch

48" Kids Timber Cue With Design Pattern Brass ferrule with 11mm screw in tip, bumper rubber, Available in 4 different design patterns.

FORMULA - 4 Piece Adjustable Length Timber Cue

FORMULA 4 Piece Adjustable Length Timber Cue The Formula Sports 4 Piece Adjustable Length Cue is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Designed to be adjustable for those tables that have limited clearance due to walls, etc. - you can adjust this cue based on the size you need! It is also great for junior players as they grow. 4 Pieced Cue...

FORMULA - Infinity Ash 2pce Cue is a 57"

FORMULA - Infinity Ash 2pce Cue 57" Formula Sports Infinity Ash 2pce Cue is a 57" cue made up of a high quality ash shaft and a hardwood butt with maple inlay. Featuring a metal joint, 10mm blue glue on tip, brass ferrule and is medium weighted with a comfortable and soft grip. Available in blue, green or red detailing....

FORMULA Ambassador 2pce 57" Cue

Formula Sports Ambassador 2pce Cue is made with ash shaft and dark hardwood butt with black/red/neutral inlay. Features 9mm glue on tip and brass ferrule. Medium weighted and 57-inch in length. Features an ergonomic design to deliver high performance. Designed 2 piece cue Ash shaft and dark hardwood butt with black/red/neutral inlay Made of high grade material Features an ergonomic...

Cuetec Powerbond Two Piece Ash & Fibreglass Cue

  58″ 2 Piece Ash & Fibreglass Construction 9mm Brown Tip Brass Ferrule Warp Resistant Medium Weighted

Pool Table Accessory Kit

Large Accessory Pack 4 x 57″ cues1 x 2 ” Pool Balls1 x 2″ Triangle1 x Chalk (box of 12)1 x Cue Rack1 x Rule Book1 x Large Table Cover (fits up to 9ft table)1 x Brush1 x Chalk Holder1 x Rest Head1 x Rest Handle

Two Piece Maple 9 Ball Cues

9 Ball Maple 2pce Cues available in Red or Blue designs 58″ with 50/50 Split 13mm Brown Glue on Tip Plastic Ferrule Black Veltex Grip Medium Weighted

FORMULA - Soft Grip Hybrid Cue - Two Piece Ash

FORMULA - Soft Grip Hybrid Cue - Two Piece Ash The Formula Sports Soft Grip Hybrid 2 piece cue comes in two classic colours, blue and red, and features a soft and comfortable rubber grip for enhanced control over every shot you take.  The shaft is made of premium grade ash, features a brass ferrule and 9.5mm glue on tip. ...

Weight Adjustable Cue - Soft Grip Two Piece Ash

The WAC Soft Grip Cue is a superior ash cue that features a deluxe rubber grip for added comfort and control. It has been constructed from premium ash and has matched grain at the 50/50 split. It is weight adjustable (WAC) making it suitable for any serious player. At 57″ long it boasts an aluminium ferrule and 9.5mm blue glue...

Patriot Range Composite Two Piece Cues

Formula Sports Patriot 2 Piece Cues are a 57" composite cue with great patriotic designs. Features 10 mm blue glue on tip, aluminium ferrule, medium weight and rubber bumper. Be a Patriot with 4 great designs: Queenslander, New South Wales, Heritage & New Zealand Features 10 mm glue on tip Aluminium ferrule and rubber bumper Made of a high grade...

One Piece Pub Cue - 36/48/54/57/60 INCH

One Piece Pub Cue - 36/48/54/57/60 INCH Formula Sports Pub 1 piece Pub Cue is a classic timber cue. Easy to grip due to the textured grip and glossy lacquer coating that fades out along the shaft. Features a 11mm blue screw in tip, brass ferrule, brass joint and rubber bumper. Medium weighted and comes in a range of sizes....

Formula Two Piece Ash Cue 57" (A13)

Formula Two Piece Ash Cue 57" (A13) Formula Sports A13 Ash Cue a 57 inch long 2 piece ash cue which features a 11mm blue screw in tip. A good option if you're looking for an Ash cue at a great price. Features an ergonomic design to deliver high performance. Brass ferrule and medium Weighted. Size : 57-inch with 50/50...