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When you buy dart shafts there is a wide array to choose from which can make it tricky to know which ones are right for you and your darts. Different players will prefer different darts and even the the dart itself may perform better using a certain length, weight or material of shaft.

The shafts or stems as they are also known will affect the speed the dart oscillates in the air depending on the length, which in turn will affect the angle the dart connects with the board. As a very general rule, a longer dart shaft or stem will cause the dart to penetrate at a steeper angle and a shorter dart stem will lead to a flatter angle of attack.

We would suggest trying out some different lengths of a cheaper material like nylon or aluminium, before moving on to more exotic materials like carbon or titanium shafts.

Target 2019 Pro Grip Ring Lock Shafts Pink

Set of 3 Target Pro Grip Shafts The Pro Grip Shaft is one of the most popular shafts in the world. Specially moulded to provide a smooth lead in and offers fantastic strength in gripping flights to reduce fall outs. The Pro Grip shaft also features a nib by the shaft petals to make it easier to slide your flights...